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Tradesignal How To 14.



There is more to charting than displaying a simple open-high-low-close bar or candlestick chart. The same is true for algorithmic trading. See this article on how to backtest algorithmic strategies on other than bar and candlestick charts. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 13.

How To 13 – What’s new in Tradesignal 9.


Tradesignal 9 offers a wealth of new features for traders and quants like precise intrabar backtesting and conditional optimisation of strategies. The seasonal charts have been enhanced and now provide users with many flexible features. Energy professionals will profit from the new formula symbol wizard. Besides that, we have some new technical indicators and many new Point & Figure functions. LEARN MORE.

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When programming trading strategies, time and calendar dates are important. No matter whether you want to use specific times of the day as a filter or track recurring patterns of the markets – Equilla permits implementation and testing of nearly any idea. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 11.

Adjusted Futures Contracts.

Adjusting rollover gaps to avoid wrong decisions.

In this issue, you will learn why you need to adjust your futures contracts for backtesting and analysis and how to create your adjusted continuous contract in 5 steps. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 10.

What`s new in Tradesignal 8.

New indicators, new chart types, data interface to & more.

In this issue, we present all new indicators using practical examples, e.g. scatter, counter clockwise and relative momentum. You will also get all the information to set up the new data interface to LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 09.

Chart Patterns and Calendar Effects.

Part 3: With Formula Language Equilla to Trading Success.

Equilla can be used to test chart patterns using dozens of pre-built modules, as well as to program individual chart patterns. In this issue you will learn how and which commands are used to output graphical information, how to back test price gaps or apply seasonal studies. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 08.

Rule-based Strategies without programming.

Quick and secure by using Tradesignal`s Trading Strategy Wizard.

The trading strategy wizard facilitates the development of strategies with selection lists and other form elements. Different conditions can be selected for generating trading signals (e. g. chart patterns recognition) without having to write a single line of code. This is done by the wizard for you. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 07.

Development of a Systematic Trading Strategy.

Part 2: With Formula Language Equilla to Trading Success.

The second part of our Equilla series describes how variables, inputs and if-then-statements work and how to use them. Based on a simple trading strategy you will learn, step by step, which commands are needed for entries, exits and stops and how they are combined into a code. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 06.

What`s new in Tradesignal 7.7.

Extended performance metrics, new technical indicators and fresh look.

With the latest update Tradesignal provides traders, portfolio managers and analysts with several new features like advanced performance metrics and new indicators. Find all information in the PDF. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 05.

Equilla Basics.

Part 1: With Formula Language Equilla to Trading Success.

The Equilla formula language offers almost endless possibilities for the development of indicators and algorithmic trading strategies. In the first part of our series – using the Simple Moving Average as example – we show what source code is, how it is structured and how pre-built functions save a lot of time. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 04.

What`s new in Tradesignal 7.6.

Enhanced measures for risk and return, category tags and new technical indicators.

With the latest version 7.6, Tradesignal provides traders, portfolio managers and analysts with several new tools for greater efficiency and analysis power. In addition to new indicators and category tags, the performance report has been extended to include more powerful reporting options. All details can be found in our How To issue 04. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 03.

Stress testing – How robust is your Trading Strategy?

Proper optimization rather than curve fitting.

With the right software, testing and optimizing a trading strategy is not complicated these days. It is exactly this simplicity, however that many users falling into the curve fitting trap. In this issue we want to show you how you can find out whether your strategy is robust by using stress tests. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 02.

What`s new in Tradesignal 7.3.

New features for more analysis power with ease of use.

The new Tradesignal version 7.3 offers many innovative features and thus provides more analysis power with ease of use. Particular note is the Point & Figure chart section, as well as numerous improvements in the drawing tools, new features for Equilla and enhancements to the integration of external price data over the interface DataConnect. LEARN MORE.

Tradesignal How To 01.

Point & Figure Charts for Beginners.

The ultimate tools for making profitable investment decisions.

Point & Figure chart patterns offer numerous advantages over traditional bar or candlestick charts due to the built-in filter mechanism. Whether you use trend lines, support and resistance lines or various price patterns – In this edition you will learn how Tradesignal displays everything automatically and helps you making better investment decisions. LEARN MORE.


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