Terms of Use and Rules for Publishers.

Terms of Use for Free Content on tradesignal.com


On tradesignal.com, the company Trayport Germany GmbH (hereinafter “Tradesignal”) makes available for download, free of charge, comprising in particular software, Equilla code, workspaces and symbol lists (hereinafter “Content”).

No specific functions or characteristics can be assured for Content provided free of charge. Tradesignal expressly indicates that the Content may be also defective. In any event, its use takes place at the risk of the user.


§ 1 Contractual Object

The user is granted the non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the Content.


§ 2 Ownership and Rights to the Content

1. The Content provided to the user, including the entire documentation, remains the property of Tradesignal.

2. Tradesignal remains the owner of all rights to the Content provided, including the relevant ancillary material.

3. The user is not entitled to change any marks, copyright notices and ownership information of Tradesignal relating to the licensed Content in any manner.


§ 3 Warranty, Liability of Tradesignal

1. Tradesignal expressly indicates that the Content is a gratuitous performance which is not provided within the scope of a contractual relationship. Tradesignal therefore makes no warranty as regards the accuracy, correctness, freedom from intellectual property rights of third parties, topicality, completeness and/or availability of the Content, or as regards ensuring that the Content provides certain functions or meets the needs or wishes of the user.

2. Tradesignal is liable neither for unforeseeable damage nor for non-typical damage.

3. The above exclusions of liability according to subsections 1 and 2 shall not apply to damage arising from intent or gross negligence, or from injury to life, body or health. The liability according to the Product Liability Act shall remain unaffected.

4. The above provisions shall also apply in favour of the employees and vicarious agents of Tradesignal.


§ 4 Final Provisions

1. These Terms of Use are subject to German law. The court of jurisdiction is Bremen.

2. Should individual provisions of this agreement prove to be legally invalid, or should the legal validity of this agreement be annulled due to later circumstances, or should this agreement prove to be incomplete, then the legal effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. The invalid or ineffective provision shall be replaced by an appropriate ruling which most closely approximates the commercial intent of the invalid or ineffective provision, had the parties considered this point.



Use of logo/charts

Within the scope of media coverage, you may use our logo in accordance with the following conditions:
As part of objective reporting on our company and our products, it is also permissible to use charts occasionally, e.g. as illustrative examples for Tradesignal’s charting and technical analysis functions.

Any commercial use of our content for the purposes of competing with us or for purposes which may be deemed to denigrate our goods and services and/or infringe on our commercial proprietary rights is inadmissible.


Reference to Tradesignal®

  • The following trademark reference must appear in a prominent place: “Tradesignal® and the Tradesignal Logo are registered trademarks of Trayport Germany GmbH. Unauthorized use or misuse is strictly prohibited.
  • When using the name Tradesignal® the registered trademark symbol must be present. Example: use of an official authorized statement such as „Suitable for use with Tradesignal® software“ or „Created with Tradesignal® software.“
  • If you use product screenshots and charts, they must contain a prominent reference to Tradesignal®.
  • The Tradesignal logo must be used on a light background, no modifications are permitted.


Voucher copy / weblink

Please send us a voucher copy or weblink without delay.
If you have questions or you need addtional content, please send a mail to our marketing department.



If you are uncertain as to whether the intended publication of our logo or charts is admissible, please contact us for guidance. Your statutory rights (including the rights of reproduction for private use and other individual uses according to Section 53 of the German Copyright Act) remain unaffected.



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