• New interface for world`s biggest data universe,
  • Relative momentum charts for identifying outperformers
  • Intraday seasonality with projection function for estimating market moves
  • Multi-venue single contracts for combined overview of a contract based on multiple exchanges` prices.


In addition to a new user interface and innovations in the Formula language Equilla®, Tradesignal 8 will greatly expand the already extensive range of different analysis options for energy traders, analysts and portfolio managers. For example, several new indicators are integrated to measure correlation. A new kind of dynamic control over the time axis is available, so that changes in the time sequence can be visualized easily. For intraday traders, the AVAT indicator provides a projection mode, a kind of “roadmap” which is projected for the trading day on the chart. The new relative momentum chart provides another form of market analysis. It shows the performance of a market and its momentum relative to the benchmark and thus provides early information about an upcoming trend change.

The new multi-venue functionality ensures a great deal of practical convenience. Here traders can combine a trading instrument from different trading venues or data sources into one instrument and thus obtain a comprehensive image of the overall market. This is a big advantage, particularly for illiquid markets. To create these combined securities as comfortably as possible, Tradesignal 8 includes a virtual assistant that takes over this process for individual contracts or entire lists of contracts.

Last but no means least, the new version provides yet another highlight – the direct connection to In addition to the primary feeds such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon as well as Trayport and Morningstar Commodities, energy professionals now have access to the world’s largest data universe.


This chart shows the use of two trading strategies, which are applied on a daily and weekly basis. The corresponding equity curve can be seen in the lower sub chart. Due to the diversification both on the time and signal level, the ratio of return to risk can be significantly improved.