On the 12th of September our partner, Trayport Ltd., London, again invites you to the “German Trader Roundtable” in Dusseldorf. Klaus Wobbe, Managing Director of Tradesignal Ltd., will talk about “Systematic Technical Analysis – the navigation system for energy trading”. Based on some practical examples, he will show how to free oneself from emotions in energy trading and how to trade precise, comprehensible and ultimately profitable positions by using algorithms.

In addition to current news from Trayport and its strategic orientation, further presentations on the topic “Globalization of Gas Trading” as well as “Automated Trading & Machine Learning” are on the agenda.

Klaus Wobbe is founder and managing director of Tradesignal Ltd. headquartered in London. Tradesignal Ltd. is responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Tradesignal software. Mr. Wobbe is a founding member of the German Association of Technical Analysts (VTAD), a member of the Society of Technical Analysts in London (STA) and a former board member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

Please contact us by phone at +49 421 201090 or by e-mail to sales@tradesignal.com if you would like to attend this event.