Valuable know how about technical analysis and algorithmic trading. Learn about topics such as profitabel chart patterns or money management rules.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 20.

Checking Robustness with Monte Carlo Noise.

Put your strategy on the test bench.

This issue focuses on checking the robustness of a trading strategy, using Monte Carlo simulations. For this purpose the underlying price history is modified by adding noise. This procedure can be repeated many times by using randomly generated values and shows how stable the results of your strategy are (no curve fitting), if the price history changes. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 19.

Visual signals on your chart.

How to create your own indicators and visualise your signals.

The analysis and observation of charts is much easier with the help of graphical indicators. Whether you are looking for overbought/oversold market conditions, reversal patterns, trends or periods with large trading moves – This issue contains several Equilla codes for easy visualisation. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 18.

How good are your trading signals?

Evaluating the quality of your trading signals correctly.

In this issue you will learn how to evaluate the quality of your trading signals and avoid curve fitting. A new indicator is presented, which provides a clear overview of past performance. It also provides a number of additional metrics to quantify the risk-return profile. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 17.

Buy and sell orders, position size and stops.

The Toolbox for systematic Traders.

This issue contains five modules for the development or testing of a trading strategy in Tradesignal. An entry, a position size control and different stop types – modules allow quant traders a quick and easy start in the development of algorithmic trading strategies. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 16.

Risk-adjusted Performance: Sharpe vs. Sortino.

Choosing the right reward/risk metric for your trading strategies.

This issue describes the Sharpe Ratio and its drawbacks, along with an analysis of the Sortino Ratio, which measures the relationship between returns and downward deviation. You will also learn which of the two common gauges best reflects a trading systems’s reward/risk. Including the relevant Equilla code. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 15.


How to trade volatility breakouts profitably.

Trading of volatility breakouts on an intraday basis offers attractive opportunities in numerous markets. In this issue, we want to show you how to develop a profitable trading strategy for the emissions market by using the Day Range indicator and how to test its robustness. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 14.

Maximize Profits using the Kelly Formula.

How to optimize the position size of your investments systematically.

In order to maximize profits and reduce risks, the position size should always be defined depending on the quality of a trading strategy. In the present issue we show how the method developed by John Kelly works and how you can test it in Tradesignal by using the supplied Equilla codes. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 13.

What is the market outlook?

How to create your own dashboard in Tradesignal for a quick, precise overview.

In order to being able to identify attractive trading opportunities as a trader, asset manager or analyst, a compact, precise overall view of the markets is needed. In this issue you will learn how to use a dashboard including a scoring system to monitor the markets using a new indicator. In addition, we will show you how to group and sort your watch lists. You can find the Equilla code in this issue. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 12.

Control and monitor your portfolio by rule-based approaches.

How to create a portfolio in Tradesignal, apply trading strategies & monitor all positions.

Controlling and monitoring of large portfolios can best be implemented by a rule-based approach. This ensures that the investment process is kept consistent and minimizes the time involved to get results. This issue provides you with valuable tips on the features of Tradesignal. For example: how to create your own portfolio, how to apply trading strategies to it and how to avoid curve fitting. The Position Manager and the convenient alarm function are presented too. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 11.


How to profit from seasonal patterns.

Every year, the old adage “Sell in May and go away” is widely discussed in the financial media. But is this adage reality or just a myth? And can this simple seasonal strategy work at all if everyone knows it? Using Tradesignal; traders, portfolio managers and analysts can examine these and other seasonal pricing anomalies quickly and safely to improve their investment decisions. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 10.


How to combine Renko charts and Bar charts to create a profitable trading strategy.

Renko charts are a fascinating chart type, which filters out insignificant price information. For this reason, they are ideal for the development of trend-following strategies. In our three part series we will show you step by step how you can combine traditional bar charts with Renko charts and put them together to a complete strategy. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 09.

Unleash the Forward Curve.

How to visualize forward curves to maximize information.

As a futures traders you are definitely familiar with a forward curve chart. It shows the prices of the next contracts and sometimes gives an indication where the market might be headed in the longer term. This Trading Tips issue shows you how to display and use a Forward Curve efficiently. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 08.

Create New Technical Indicators by drag & drop.

Simple steps to advanced technical analysis.

Tradesignal provides almost 200 built-in technical indicators. But sometimes it is not always easy to find the right one – tailored specifically for your needs. However, it is quite easy to build your own custom indicator. This Trading Tips issue shows you how. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 07.

Candlestick Pattern Recognition.

How to find best performing stocks and the best risk/reward opportunities by identifying promising candlestick patterns.

How to auto-detect candlesticks in a chart, back-test its profitability and get an alert immediately if a new one occurs – that’s what you see and read in this Trading Tips issue. Furthermore, we show you how to trade your entire portfolio of stocks according to particular candlestick chart pattern. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 06.

Profit from Gap Trading.

A systematic trading strategy. Simple, but effective.

Ever wanted to test a simple gap strategy? Sometimes the simplest of strategies can reveal startling results. We show you here how to apply a gap trading strategy to a portfolio of stocks or watch list. It’s very easy, yet powerful. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 05.

Rule-based Trend Lines improve discipline.

How to use point & figure trend lines in Candlestick charts.

Ask two analysts where to lay a current trend line and you will get three different answers. Point & figure charts define exactly on which highs and lows a trend line has to be placed. This Trading Tips issue explains why it makes sense to combine point & figure trend lines and candlestick charts. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 04.

Highly efficient Short Pattern.

How to identify and profit well from a short trade.

Sometimes life can seem so easy. The market is rallying up and the close is well above yesterday’s high. Everyone is bullish and only a few traders think about a reversal of the trend. This is your chance to get ahead of the crowd. Just use the simple chart pattern we call ‘Highly Efficient Shorting’. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 03.


How to create and trade an optimal portfolio.

When using strategies that only define buy and sell signals (and not the size of the trade) your backtest over a range of stocks has only limited value. You may wish to invest the same amount of capital with each trade to balance your risk, and that`s what this Trading Tips shows you. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 02.

Speed up your decisions.

How to create your of equity basket or energy spread.

It is an easy task if you want to chart just one equity. But how do you chart a whole basket of instruments with just one click? That’s what custom symbols in Tradesignal are meant for and they help to speed up your access to visual information, for faster trades, less work and potentially, better profits. LEARN MORE.

Algorithmic Trading Tips 01.

Scan for the best momentum stocks.

How to find the best performers out of hundreds of stocks within seconds.

Investing in the top performers might be a good and profitable strategy. But how can you find good momentum stocks? Don’t worry; it is not a difficult task to set up a Market Scanner and find profitable opportunities from hundreds of stocks. LEARN MORE.


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